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All About Portable Espresso

Espresso on the Go

When most folks think of espresso to go they might imagine the almost comically tiny portable coffee cups that you can get from some cafes, especially ones found in Europe. While that is, quite literally, “portable espresso” we don’t mean the “Piccola” sized coffees that you can get while you’re on your way to work, to catch the bus or train, or on your way to the terminal! For the record, we have no beef with these take-out espresso shots. But for today they are just simply not our topic of focus, sorry take-out espresso!

Portable espresso refers instead to a very diverse world of portable espresso makers. Portable espresso makers really run the gamut in regards to appearance, user-friendliness, aesthetics, design, and utility. Some are geared towards being the perfect camping companion, while others are ideal for hotel or Airbnb stays, with makers providing for anything and everything in between. 

To further diversify (read NOT complicate) things, some makers use coffee beans, others use coffee pods, and others still can utilize both. We again caution our dear readers as seeing this wide range as overwhelming but instead as welcoming, warm, inviting, and providing something for any and all coffee lovers. The reason is that that is exactly what the deal is. 

Portable espresso makers bring something unique to the table no matter what you are looking for in your espresso experience. Many portable espresso makers are the iconic bullet or pill-shaped makers, but there are many more out there. What is also important to note is that portable espresso makers prepare real espresso.

It is not “espresso-style” or “espresso-flavoured” or even a kind of weird sub-par pseudo-espresso. But instead, they offer you the real deal. But then where does this leave the decaf coffee-loving crowd? Just as enfranchised as everyone else, actually. 

Just use your favorite decaf beans in your portable maker and you can enjoy espresso goodness wherever you go. The best part about that is for decaf coffee folks, you can still enjoy your favorite espresso anywhere and at any time with barely even a sliver of the caffeine as your standard shot of espresso. 

Have espresso maker, will travel!

We hope this article has provided a brief but enlightening overview of portable espresso makers. We strongly encourage you to explore the wide and vibrant world of portable espresso makers to zero in on one that is truly perfect for you. From the chic bullet-shaped handheld items to the more avant-garde “stapler” style makers, the world of portable espresso makers is teeming with life and action. So grab your favorite decaf beans or coffee pods, pack up your ideal portable espresso maker, and feel free to wander far and wide in this wonderful, coffee-filled world!