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How to Brew Tasty Decaf Coffee with a Chemex

Get trendy (and brew some decaf coffee) with a Chemex.

Some trends are just fads that can be ignored or followed as per your discretion. But the Chemex is a fad that we strongly encourage all decaf coffee lovers to give a try! There are so many reasons why the Chemex has become such a star of the coffee brewing world. And this baby has been around for much longer than most folks give it credit for! 

The Chemex was first developed back in the 1940s by one Peter Schlumbohm. Schlumbohm described his ingenious design as a “synthesis of logic and madness”. But we’d liked to think those two seemingly contradictory things balanced out to be a synthesis made in heaven! But what on heaven and earth is a Chemex exactly?

The Chemex is at first glance a lovely brewing device. It is sharp-looking and sophisticated and exudes a kind of chic grace that can be hard to come by. But more importantly, it is a coffee brewing vessel that is born to make pour-over coffee. Its shape allows it to hold both a paper filter as well as freshly brewed coffee. As for that wood collar with the leather “belt” or strap? Those serve the very practical purpose of allowing one to handle this device without burning one's hand on the glass. Style and substance!

The brewed decaf coffee from a Chemex is sublime, offering up a rich body, enticing aromas, and a novel pour-over experience. For decaf coffee and standard coffee lovers alike, the Chemex is a brewer like no other!

What you will need:

  • Your Chemex
  • Paper filters
  • Your chosen coffee beans, decaf coffee is perfect!
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Filtered or purified water

Step 1

Measure out your beans and grind them to a medium-coarse grind. Remember this is pour-over!

Step 2

Dampen your paper filter, and fit it into the mouth of your Chemex. Add in your decaf coffee grounds.

Step 3 

Boil your filtered water. Wait a few seconds before going in for the pour.

Step 4

Start with an initial pour from the center. This will result in a chemical reaction in the dry grounds and the hot water. This is called the “coffee bloom” and results in the grounds billowing upward and expanding. This releases a cloud of great aroma, but is also a signal to wait before pouring more water in or your pour-over will soon be over-poured! Once the bloom has ebbed, intermittently pour in circular motions from the center outward and back towards the center of your grinds. 

Step 5

Remove your filter and enjoy your incredible, pour-over decaf coffee.

Chemex Done Right

The Chemex isn’t just a beautiful item but it is also an effective brewing vessel par excellence. For great results, try brewing your favorite decaf coffee with your Chemex! This will result in sublime decaf coffee as well as a fun and nuanced mode of coffee preparation!