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How to Brew Cold Drip Decaf Coffee

The Drip Don’t Stop.

If you are a fan of cold brew decaf coffee, then we have a real treat just for you! It is a take on cold brew but one that maintains a rich, complex, sweet, and truly delectable flavour and aroma palette. It is also free of any siltiness that may come as a result of standard cold brewing. This method of cold decaf coffee preparation is known as cold drip, or more commonly, as Dutch brew. But for today we will address this superb method of coffee art as “cold drip”. But what exactly is cold drip and how does it differ from standard cold brewing?

Cold brewing is an immersion technique that involves immersing (go figure!) your coffee grounds in your cold water for up to 24 hours. This method can be done with any number of containers or vessels, and can even be achieved with a French Press! Cold drip, or Dutch brew, works a bit differently. This style separates the coffee grounds from the water in question. 

Part of the beauty of the cold drip or Dutch style is the special tower apparatus required to properly brew it! While these ensembles may look and seem daunting they are works of avant-garde art courtesy of Kyoto’s aesthetic sense and sensibilities. These towers are comprised of several glass pieces, including bowls, funnels, and twisting tubes. Valves and toggles separate the glass components and lead to a heightened sense of control over one's coffee brewing. Holding the whole thing together? Usually, a handsome wooden frame that holds the series of glasses upright. The top bowl holds ice or cold water. As the water drips down onto the coffee grounds held in the center, the brewed coffee then drips down into a larger reservoir at the bottom. This bottom reservoir holds one's brew. This process can take as long or as short of a time as one prefers, and the valves, toggles, and nozzles that separate each section can be played with in order to allow water to drip faster or slower.


What you will need

  • Cold drip or Dutch brewing tower
  • Filtered or purified water or ice
  • Your decaf beans of choice. Check out the Tasty Decafs Shop for delicious options.
  • Time

Step 1

Assemble your brewing tower. There are several different kinds of styles, models, and types out there. Some things to take into consideration when choosing a tower include your available space at home, whether your tower will be in a stable and safe spot where it can’t fall or be tipped over, and how much maintenance or assembly you would like to take part in. Some towers come mostly assembled while others can allow one to customize their tower with alternative parts as per your tinkering fancies. But once your tower is assembled, you are ready to start with the larger brewing process.


Step 2

Grind your decaf beans, for best results choose a medium roast and give it a coarse grind. For a general ratio to keep in mind, try 25 grams of decaf coffee per 1 cup of water. Next, pour your grinds into the decaf coffee grounds component of your tower. 


Step 3

Add your water to the top reservoir. Feel free to use ice but that will lead to a slower brewing. Check on your brewer every so often, to make sure it is running smoothly and the water is not dripping too fast. A good drip speed is one drop every two seconds. Expect a brewing time of up to 4 hours.


Step 4

Store the decaf coffee in the bottom reservoir in a resealable bottle or jar and you can keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. Your coffee will be sweet, smooth, and be devoid of any acidity, or bitterness!


A Drop in the (Decaf Coffee) Bucket

Cold drip is a fun, relaxing, and absolutely delicious way to prepare decaf coffee (and of course regular coffee, too!). Feel free to try out your favorite decaf coffee in your tower for a delicious, aromatic, and soothing coffee treat. This mode of decaf coffee is perfect for hot weather but can be ideal for any time of year or any weather!